EZ Doctors

EZ Doctors is your source for America’s most popular discounted benefits programs. We offer Affordable Health and Lifestyle Discount Plans which are specifically different from almost all other Discount Plans available in the market. Our Health Discount Plan is built around a program which includes Doctors on-call available 24 hours a day by phone or email. It is a great complement for people who already have health insurance, and also a powerful tool for people that don’t have health insurance. Our goal is not only to bring a variety of health benefits to all Americans, but to deliver cutting edge technology at an affordable price. The main attraction of our Health Discount Plan is a telehealth service. Not many Americans have heard of telehealth and telemedicine, and even less have access to it; but EZ Doctors is working to bring this money-saving, convenient, cutting-edge technology to every American. To learn more about telehealth you can visit http://www.teladoc.com Save money on prescriptions, unnecessary doctor visits, eye care, dental care, and more with an EZ Doctors Health Discount Plan. Simply locate a service provider in the network, present your card at the time of service and get instant discounts on services. That’s it! EZ Doctors Health Discount Plans are not insurance, so you don’t have to worry about health restrictions or paperwork to complete.

Anyone can join

The plan includes you, your spouse and legal dependents, regardless of age or health status. To confirm benefits and discounts, please check with the specific network provider. Even if you have health insurance, the EZ Doctors Health Discount Plans can save you money on products and services not usually covered by insurance, such as vitamins, orthodontics and cosmetic surgery, etc.

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

You have the right to cancel this agreement within 30 days of the effective date for a full refund of all fees paid. Click here to try it out. Our Health Discount Plan boasts a 100% approval rating. There are no health restrictions. Furthermore, this is a Family Health Discount Plan; there is no extra charge or extra cost to add family members. There are no lower tier plans like “gold” or “silver” because EZ Doctors believes everyone should have only the best. EZ Doctors services are available to you from home, work, or wherever you may be.

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