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  • One Price Includes the Family
  • Confidential & HIPAA Compliant
  • Licensed Board Certified Physicians
  • Nationwide Network
  • No Paperwork
  • No Contract
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Medical Consult Fee
  • No Health Restrictions

Your Benefits

  • Doctors by Phone
  • Vision Care
  • Diabetic Supplies
  • MRI & CT Scans
  • Hearing
  • Dental Care
  • Pharmacy & Vitamins
  • Chiropractic
  • Work Life
  • Lab Works

WORLD CLASS Customer Support

We make it easy to get online, but if you do need help or just wanna talk to someone,

our online experts are available.   1.888.410.8353

20000 Eye Care Providers
1500 Number of Major Clinical Labs Nationwide

What Our Members Are Saying

about America’s most popular discounted benefits program
  • Jennifer Midle Jennifer Midle UninsuredFlorida
    For those who are uninsured, EZ Doctors provides coverage…

    A few, like me, don't have health insurance but do have documented illnesses that require medication. Trips to the doctor are too expensive but I got my medication through your site after I sent in my medical records. Thank you! I am a lot more comfortable because I can get care and be able to get on with life at a very reasonable cost.

  • Steve Smith Steve Smith Rural ResidentTennessee
    EZ Doctors gives me peace of mind…

    I live in a small town and it is difficult to see my doctor at times. I finally found a place where I can speak to a doctor in complete confidence. You have fair prices and are readily available to help me if I need help. Your service is a great asset to anyone who demands complete privacy.

  • Mark Davis Mark Davis VacationerSouth Carolina
    EZ Doctors saved my trip!

    I placed a request for a consult on a Friday morning and I had to go out of town on that Saturday. I was able to speak to a doctor that afternoon and a prescription was called in to my local pharmacy that same day. Thanks for the unparalleled service!

  • Donna Simpson Donna Simpson Away From HomeGeorgia
    EZ Doctors saves time and money…

    I recently moved to a new city, I was still in the process of locating insurance and was suffering from a bad headache. EZ Doctors saved me at least $70 and hours of time.

  • Laura Betancourt Laura Betancourt MotherCalifornia
    EZ Doctors is something to talk about…

    I am so impressed with EZ Doctors. When I spoke to the doctor, he was compassionate and helpful. The process is smooth and efficient. I've even told my close friends about you. You made my life a lot easier!